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Welcome to the cafroverse!

Cafrodytes are a race of technologically, biologically & spiritually advanced alien beings who can change their form and exist in multiple dimensions. The Cafroverse lies on top of our own Universe and the only way for them to communicate with us is by vibing at our frequency through our computer screens & in the Metaverse.

Collect & Play!

Buy & sell Cafrodytes within our community


Chase limited edition RARE Cafrodytes


Earn Cafros through staking


Play games in the Cafroverse

Get Your Own Cafrodyte!

Check out the cuties!

Buy on opensea


Find your soul match among 10,000 cafrodytes. Each one is unique!


Rarest of the rare.
They have wings.
They can fly!
Need we say more?


These magicians use quantum energy to cast spells and play with their opponent’s mind.


With electric current running through their veins, these cafrodytes are super powerful!


They can set fire to whatever comes in their way and pave their path to success!


The most common tier of the Cafrodytes, but they overflow with coolness & style.

Our Roadmap

Discord Community
100 NFT Giveaway to Discord Members
Opensea activation
Launch of Cafro Coin (CAFRO) & Tokenomics
Buyers can start Staking

Airdrop of Cafro Coins to Cafrodyte Holders.

Game launch
Reveal benefits for OG buyers

Donation to The Ocean Cleanup & The Rainforest Foundation Cafrodytes care about the climate crisis on planet Earth. We will take more suggestions from our Discord members.

Can start Breeding


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Meet the team

Header Miller

Lead Developer

Gjemnes, Norway

Eduard Powell

Creative Head

Faetano, San Marino

Kasper Kelly

Lead Designer

Berlin, Germany

Zane Walker

Creative Writer

Phoenix, Arizona, United States


What is an NFT?

What is reveal process?

Who are Cafrodytes?

Are some Cafrodytes rarer than others?

Why should I mint?

How does rarity work?

What blockchain are you planning to build on?