Introduction to CafroCoin

Explore the most technologically advanced and one-of-a-kind alien NFT collection journey to multiple dimensions with Cafrodytes. What more we offer is the CAFRO Coins which use the Polygon blockchain technology (Layer-2 solution). These coins are unique and have tremendous advantages in the NFT space.

Getting Started

Initially, we will offer 10,000 MATIC Cafro Coins against 70% of the total supply. You can use Cafro coin for playing gaming contests, staking and more on Polygon Network. Moreover, you can even use these coins to buy or sell via QuickSwap. Get your Cafro Coins now.


Cafrodytes feature an initial Cafro Coin supply of 10,000 MATIC. The total coin supply stands at a whopping 20,00,00,000, with 70% offered to the public ( 14,00,00,000 ). Cafrodyte owners get a chance to play exciting games on the platform via Cafro Coins, thereby creating a Cafro Metaverse. We will also reserve a % of Cafrodytes and Cafro coins for regular giveaways and support charities that save the Earth from the climate crisis!

Market Cap

$ 10,000


$ 0.00007142

Total Supply


Token Distribution

Cafrodyte NFTs and Cafro Coins will add value to buyers' collections. The Cafrodytes characters are continuously upgraded to offer an advantage in the NFTs marketplace with the simultaneous price increase depending on the total supply. So the earlier you buy the coins, the cheaper you will get!











How to Buy?

Follow the BUY ON QUICKSWAP button

First, you need to access the QuickSwap website and connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking on “Connect to a wallet”. Make sure you have sufficient funds in the wallet.

MATIC will appear by default. Choose the currency you have to buy by clicking on “Select a token”.

After this, set the amount of MATIC. Next, click “Swap”, and the final information of the Cafro coins you will receive will be displayed. Click on “Confirm Swap”.

Lastly, you will see a MetaMask window with the final Polygon commission you will pay. Now, click on “Confirm” to finalise your Cafro Coins purchase.



Every Cafrodyte owner will get the fantastic opportunity to double or gain more NFTs by playing games. And you will be collecting a subsequent % of the participation fee too.


You can trade using the Cafro Coins in the most advanced and comprehensive ecosystem. The user can buy and sell the coins quickly in the Polygon network.


You can lock up the unique digital asset and enjoy a passive income via our Cafrodytes and the coins. Moreover, we offer indefinite and timely staking.